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Weird History Poll Results

The results are in and it looks like you want us to keep on providing weird little history lessons each week! Those lessons will resume on July 21st. In the meantime, feel free to look over all the weird history we've covered so far...

"Rabbits Beating Up Napoléon"

"Island of the Dolls"

"The Unexplainable Erdington Murders"

"Dead Men's Teeth"

"Were the Pollock Twins Reincarnated?"

"A Murderous Fluffle of Cauldrons"

"Shipping a Baby in the Mail"

"That Time France Built a Fake Paris"

"A Real Corpse in the Funhouse"

"The Great Dane Who Won a Word War II Medal"

"Victorian Mustache Cups"

"The Poetry Book Bound in Human Skin"

"When the Color Green Could Kill You"

"Victorian Ice Cream Flavors"

"A Recipe for Ectoplasm"

Which history lesson surprised you the most so far? Share it in the comments!

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